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~Evolution is the gradual process of change over time~
      Evolution grille is a seasonal restaurant that showcases progressive american cuisine. We have a unique menu blending traditional classics prepared with contemporary flair~ We use local produce, dairy and meats and believe in fine quality ingredients. We do not use prepackaged or frozen items and your meals are made to order and thoughtfully prepared.  We make our own pastas and every dish is made fresh.  As the seasons change, so do our flavors and menus, to reflect the tastes of the time. 

  Evolution Grille is the first restaurant of Chef/Owner Michael Barbiaux and his wife, Courtney established in 2009. 

In 2014, we moved from our small spot in the plaza to our current  location.  Our Kitchen Staff includes Andy Kneiss, a formally trained Chef that join us in our vision of good quality food prepared for you.

FROM THE CHEF: We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has showered Evolution with love. As with any story, there are chapters—beginnings, middles, and ends. Our tale commenced at 123 Mulone, guided by the vision of Nick Mulone- who gave us youngins a chance. Later, it found a new home at 1186 Butler Rd., thanks to the support of Don and Jon Smitanic. Those were the days of growth, of flourishing—a beautiful part of our evolution. But life, my friends, is a fickle sous-chef. The past five years? A soufflé that stubbornly refused to rise. The sauce, once velvety, now fractured like a broken promise. The bread—ah, the bread—went stale, as if it had lost its zest for life. We found ourselves at a crossroads, aprons stained with doubt. Was this the final chapter? The last bite? The pandemic swept through our kitchens like a tempest, leaving empty stations and silent stovetops. Our brigade, once an orchestra of sizzles and clinks, dwindled to a solo act. The line cooks, the sauciers, the pastry wizards—they vanished, like spices evaporating into thin air. We’ve decided to close the restaurant , but not without a flourish. Six months remain—a culinary countdown if you will. We’ll plate our seasonal specials, uncork the wine, and toast to Evolution. In September, we’ll dim the lights, crank up the jazz, and bid adieu—with a bang. The kitchen will echo with memories—the laughter, the camaraderie, the whispered secrets shared over simmering pots. And what lies beyond? Perhaps we’ll metamorphose, like butter becoming ghee. Hearts and stars, my friends. Hearts and stars.  [🌟] [❤️]  So raise your glasses, my fellow travelers. To Evolution—the dish that danced on our tongues, the memory that lingered. May it rest in flavor, forever etched in our culinary atlas.